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30 Voice (FXS/FXO) POTS fiber multiplexer

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30 Voice (FXS/FXO) POTS fiber multiplexer Voice over Fiber mux series Fiber Optical Multiplexers AD-Net
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In this video we connect some phones and Ethernet ports to see how quickly it can be up and running after all cables are plugged in.Now, in this video below, we are getting a bit geeky, and testing 2 type of phone traffic over same PCM mux. What you see there is that its classic PCM30 mux with FXS and FXO side as usual, but here, to additional Ethernet port, which usually are getting connected to LAN, we connected FXO side muxes Ethernet port to IPPABX, and FXS part Ethernet port to remote IPphone. Now, regular POTS phones and IPhones work thru same mux, using different media, but all gets into same fiber, thus seriouslyNow, in above video, multiplexer for 4 E1s are having RJ-48 120 ohm ports. Now, in below video it is practical same mux, but instead of 120 OHM E1 ports, we have BNC 75 ohm. Compare both C which one fits your application most?Quick Setup Video


This equipment uses design of ultra large scale integrated circuit, and its outward appearance is succinct. The merits include easy installation and debugging, unnecessary for maintenance and steady performance. It is suitable in business for communication operator, government and kinds of entities.
AN-FM-PCM30 fiber mux can provide 1-8 channels, 1-16 channels, 1-24 channels, or 1-30 channels telephone through optical cable, the network application is point-to-point, supporting FXO/FXS. It has solved telephone transmission problem of edge customers. This equipment uses special digital multiple-connected chip whose function is formidable, and it integrates nearly all the digital logical function of equipment, thus remarkably enhancing product performance and reducing cost.
Additional channels of E1, Ethernet and RS-232 can be added upon request


  • Low cost solution for delivering analogue POTS lines over long distance fibers.
  • up to 30 FXO ports for connection to PABX or PSTN.
  • up to 30 FXS ports for connection of phones or faxes.
  • Ethernet port for LAN interconnection.
  • RS-232 for data transmission.
  • Up to 4E1 ports as an option for PABX interconnection or any other E1 Leased lines services.
  • MTBF more than 10 years.
  • WDM Bidi fiber interfaces avalaible.


ringing voltage: 75V
ringing frequency: 25HZ
two line input impedance: 600 Omega (hanging off)
wastage: 40 db
ringing detecting voltage: 35V
Optical Interface Parameter
optical wavelength: 850nm/1310nm for multi-mode optical interface, 1310nm/1550nm for single-mode optical interface
optical interface: SC/FC
receiving and dispatching module: >-6dBm
optical receiver receiving sensitivity -30dB
transmitting range: Multi-mode 2 Km, single-mode 40Km, single-mode 60 Km, single-mode 120Km, WDM bidi available
vibration characteristic: Comforms G.742 and G.832 standard


Scenario Nr1: Full connection scenario, where all possible connections are used – 30 FXS/FXO, RS-232, Ethernet and 4E1
Scenario Nr.2: 1 – 30 FXS to 1 – 30 FXS configuration, clear channel
Scenarion Nr.3: 1 – 30 FXS —–> 1 – 30 FXO, for remote extensions from PABX
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