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SNMP & LCD Panel Managed Multiservice Fiber Multiplexer

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SNMP & LCD Panel Managed Multiservice Fiber Multiplexer SNMP Managed n x E1/V35/ETH Fiber Multiplexer Fiber Optical Multiplexers AD-Net
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SNMP & LCD Panel Managed Multiservice Multiplexer Installation Video


AN-FM-600 series SNMP managed, LCD console equipped, carrier class 1+1 double 155 Mbit/s fiber multiplexer with modular service cards approach: n x E1, n x V.35, n x RS-232, n x FXS/FXO etc. 2 x 10/100 Ethernet already on board, no need separate plug in modules!

SNMP managed, LCD console equipped, carrier class double 155 Mbit/s fiber multiplexer with modular service cards approach: n x E1, n x V.35. n x Ethernet at your choice.

AN-FM-600 Modular Integrated Transmission Multiplexer can provide full speed 100Mbps fast Ethernet (FE) interface in accordant with IEEE802.3 and E1 interface complying with 16-channel standard. At the same time, it also provides sufficient network management interface function and realizes SNMP network management or device management via hyper terminal. The device itself is supplied with a LCD displayer for user to carry out configuration and management. The whole system adopts modularized structure. 16 channels of 2M services are divided into four modular slots, with four channels for each. Different interface modules can be applied based on networking requirements of different users, and different user requirements for application environment and business growth can be met through addition or replacement of interface modules. The equipment can cater to the network application of general scale.

AN-FM-600 multiplexer provides double 155Mbit/s optical interfaces and sixteen 2048 Kbit/s channels. The 16 channels are distributed to 4 ports, each port supports 4×2048 Kbit/s channels. The 4 ports can be deployed as either 4×E1 or 4×V.35 or modules. And a 10/100Base_T transparent Ethernet channel is provided as well. All the modules are removable and hot swappable. With high-integrated design and advanced technology, this equipment runs with its superior quality and reliable performance.

Modular integrated transmission optical fiber multiplexer is created with optical path interoperability, flexible structure and modular design. Its function modules are independent of each other but easy for assembly, which enables it to derive a series of optical multiplexer products with multi-service interfaces. The equipment is furnished with four modular slots. According to the networking requirements of different users, various kinds of interface modules can be employed. Users can also add or replace interface modules to accommodate to the requirements of different application environments to protect their existing investment. Meantime, the equipment allows users to activate expandable interfaces to adjust the scale of network interfaces based on business growth, so as to help realize real-time follow up of network to business.
Following example configuration can be made at your convience, though, you can feel free to experiment at your own choice:

  • 4 x G.703 E1 Interface Card;
  • Dual V.35 Interface Card;
  • 4-Channel V.35 Interface Card;
  • FXO/FXS Voice Channel Interface Card;
  • RS232 Interface Card:
  • RS422/RS485 Interface Card;

Unit comes together with a sophisticated network management system, supporting SNMP management through the SNMP agent. The MIB offered together with the SNMP module enables the management through operator’s existing SNMP software.

Network management Unit is designed to control all settings on the control panel and to realize communications between multiplexer and computer. The unit can send commands (such as alarm-off, remote bypass loop-back and so on) to nodes through computer. Users can directly query and set the status of a pair of devices with Hypber Terminal software Via RS232 crosswire. NM-ETH interface (10/100M auto-negotiating, to be configured) can be directly connected with a computer via a crosswire or with a HUB via a straight-through wire to fulfill management. It can realize ALS (Automatic Laser Shutdown/Automatic Laser Reduction) to prevent personnel from fiber injury. The user can select network management functions according to its actual requirements.



  • 1+1 optical interfaces, protection, switching without traffic affection
  • LCD display for initial configuration and monitoring
  • SNMP MIB support
  • All traffic modules movable and easy to be replaced
  • Hot-swap supported for stable service
  • Power fed by both AC220V/AC110V and DC48V power supplies or either of them (1+1)
  • Network management through LCD or PC NMS system over 10BaseT port
  • Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF)≥87600 hrs
  • LED indicators for status and alarm monitoring
  • EMC standard: EN55022
  • Web manager for remote configuration and monitoring


Optical interface
Code rate: 155Mbit/s
Transmission Medium: G.652 optical fiber support
Wavelength: 1310nm£¨1550nm optional£©
Transmission power: ≥-3~-15dBm
Receive sensitivity: -38~-44dBm
Link Budget: At least 25 dB at BER 10-10
Fiber connector: FC/SC
Light source: Laser, pin Diode
Distances and fiber types at your choice, from 2 Km Multimode, to 20 / 40 / 60 / 60 / 80 / 120 km single mode dual, or single fiber WDM versions.

4×V.35 card
4 channels of V.35 interface available
Interface Electric Level: In compliance with CCITT V.35 standard
Physical Interface: DB25
Speed of Interface: N*64Kbit/s

2×V.35 card
Two channels of V.35 interface available
Interface Electric Level: In compliance with CCITT V.35 standard
Physical Interface: DB25
Interface Bit Rate: 2.048Mbit/s

10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports (on board)
Specification: Complying IEEE802.3 standard
Port amount: 2
Transmission rate & real application bandwidth:
100 Mbit/s
Applied Ethernet rate: 10/100Base-T auto sensing
Operation mode: Half/full duplex auto adaptation
Physical connector: RJ-45

E1 interface card

Code pattern: HDB3
Bit rate: 2.048Mbit/s
Waveform: ITU-T G.703 correspondent
Jitter Performance: Confirming ITU-T G.823
Input/output impedance: 75Ω unbalanced or RJ-45 120 ohm balanced available via adapter
Channel quantity: 4 E1 per card
Physical Connector: DB37 (RJ-45 or BNC – free adapter supplied)

FXO/FXS Voice Channel Interface Card
Physical interface: RJ45
FXO interface card: provides 4-channel or  8-channel FXO interface connected with PABX or phone switch.
FXS interface card: to provide 4-channel or 8-channel FXS interface connected with ordinary telephone sets.
Supports display of incoming calls
Supports billing function of inverted polarity

RS232 Interface Card and RS422/RS485 Interface Card
Physical interface: RJ45
Four RS232 or RS-422/385 transmission channels available
Transmission Speed 110~115.2K bps
Transmitting Mode: full/half duplex

NMS Interface

Interface type: Ethernet/Serial port
Transmission rate: 10/100M
Physical connector: RJ-45

Physical and Environmental Specifications

Power supply: Either AC220V or DC-48V
Power modes: AC and DC feeding synchronously, or either of them
Dimensions: 45mm£¨H£©×483mm£¨W£©×250mm£¨D£©
Gross Weight: ≤7Kg

Ordering Information


4-8-16*E1(optional)+2*10/100 Base-T Multiplexer,4 MST slots,1*Official phone ,1* Optic interface,FC 40Km,220V or -48V,SNMP network management,1+1 Optical interface(optional)


4*E1 module,75ohm or 120ohm


2*V.35 module, 2M,(Unframed)


4*V.35 module, 2M(unframed or framed)


4*FXO/FXS module


8*FXO/FXS module


4*RS232/485 module


1+1 Optical Redundancy Backup module,FC 40Km


1* RS232/485 Data

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